Interested in a Partnership with The Creation Station?

The Creation Station teams up in exciting partnerships with numerous fantastic soft play centres, schools, nurseries, shopping centres, and other organisations across the UK. Through these partnerships we can provide arts and crafts activities for thousands of children.

Cathy who runs Creation Station Preston tells us about how Cheeky Monkey’s Play Centre has helped her to inspire imaginations knowing she holds her sessions in a fun family friendly environment.

“I have held sessions at Cheeky Monkey’s for 2 years now ,it is a lovely centre. I really enjoy my Fridays there with all the team, they are so friendly and helpful.” Cathy, The Creation Station Preston

cheeky monkey

Cheeky Monkey’s Play Centre in Whittle-le-woods, Chorley

Lorraine Kearney the Managing Director of the Cheeky Monkey’s in Chorley described her experience with The Creation Station:

“Cathy & the Creation Station started a class here at Cheeky Monkey’s 2 years ago. Our customers love the classes and Cathy is extremely professional, creative and fun! The class was so popular that Cathy had to introduce another class soon after to satisfy demand. We are very proud to work in partnership with Creation Station and Cathy in particular, and I would have no hesitation in recommending the classes to any other organisation.” 

Have you worked with The Creation Station? Send your stories to for your chance to star on our blog.

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