Discover why The Creation Station Little Explorer classes are loved by children and parents alike

little explorer logo draft copyEnjoying  shared journeys of creative fun with your little one, inspires learning, friendships and a lot giggles! That’s why The Creation Station Little Explorers classes are so popular with parents and carers, who want to give their child educational and fun opportunities that will inspire their child to explore discover and develop.

 With over 105,000 children and families already inspired, read what mums and dads and carers have said about why they and their child love their weekly Little Explorer classes.


Trust that high quality materials and activities are provided for you every week

Encourage creativity and expression
“My little girl loves Creation Station – always tells her Daddy about what was in the magic ideas box and proudly shows him what she made when he comes home from work :)” Julie S, Wardhedge

Explore and discover new things
“It really is the best arts and craft sessions I have ever been to. They are really fantastic and my girls both love it! The parties are amazing as are the weekly sessions. Worth every penny!” Clare D, Pulloxhill

Fun, quality classes
“Wonderful class. Very well run; fantastic ideas and different every week. Quality products used! One of the best classes for toddlers that I have been to and I have been too many. Oscar loves coming to Creation Station.” Nat Baines.

Shared experiences
“Tuesdays are extra special. I get home from work and I’m presented with the pieces of Art my son has made at his Creation Station sessions. It’s fabulous! And now I get to see his photos too. Definitely signing him (and my mum) up for more :)” Keely Nugent

Develop confidence
“George (3) loves his Creation Station class with Louise. It’s a great mix of arts and crafts with music and circle time too. George isn’t keen on painting at home, but at Little Explorers he can’t wait to get involved, which is lovely to see. The show and tell part at the end is also brilliant for building his confidence. He’s always very proud of his creations and can’t wait to show them to his big sister!” Emma Knight

Seeing things differently
“Creation Station sessions were such a lovely experience for Poppy every week and she got to do things that I wouldn’t have dreamed doing at home! I hope we may get to return at some point.” Karen Bingley

mum and girls

Experience your child’s journey of discovery with them

Tried and tested activities
“My son & I love coming to the Creation Station! All the fun and mess but not in your home! Sticking and painting is sooo much fun- for both of us!! A return to childhood for me and a voyage of discovery for Max’ Highly recommended for kids of all ages.” Max’s Mummy

Explore something new
“We love Creation Station, gutted we don’t get to go now. It was the only group we did that was unique – music groups and gym groups you can interchange, but where else can Isobel go and smother herself up to her elbows in gold paint without getting told off?!” Julie Stonehouse

Keeping the mess out of the house
“We think the Creation Station is an excellent idea. My daughter loves making a mess, and I love her doing it somewhere else” Annabel’s Mummy

Develops social skills
“Thank-you Louise, Millie and her friends had a lovely time today!! Mum and Dad enjoyed themselves too – now that’s a first!!” Katherine C



Builds pride in your achievements
“My little boy really loves going to Creation Station, he is a big fan of painting & gluing so this is a great activity for him! He is always really proud of his creation & will show everyone. He really loves having his hand stamped at the end of the session to show he has been a good boy.” Charlotte W

Improves concentration
“I can do creative things with Daisy far easier at the Creation Station because her attention span is longer and there are more ideas than at home” Daisy’s Mum

New firsts
Mia did her first ever painting at The Creation Station, she loves coming, and does more every time!

Meeting like minded people
“Finlay loves Creation Station, but I think mummy likes it more. It is refreshing to go somewhere with your toddler every week and not feel like you are going through the same old routine week after week.” Clare

Expanding relationships
“We started to visit Creation Station as our week as our ‘Mummy and Charlie’ time and it has really helped with issues we had since his little brother arrived, thank you.” Liz Perton

Nurturing behaviour
“Albert’s behaviour has improved lately and I think some of this improvement is thanks to his time at Creation Station where there is always lots of things to distract him from being difficult. We are looking forward to another term.” Libby

Warm and friendly atmosphere
“Ruby loves Creation Station and really makes me laugh how she now wants to shake hands with people outside the class!” Carol

Giggles for all
“Fantastic classes. Loads of fun and your leave the mess behind. What more do you need???” Anwyn R

Put a smile on your child’s face with Little Explorer classes. Visit our website to find your closest Creation Station classes.

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