Family Fun Sessions

Last week saw some great Foodimals being created all across the country in our Family Fun sessions inspired by the DVD release of Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs 2.

You all made amazing collage creations and built some brilliant imaginative fruit and vegetable 3D creatures. We have put together a small sample of some of the fantastic images you have sent through to Creative Hub. You can see these pictures along with many more on our facebook page.

collage blog

You still have until Friday to post the pictures of your creations onto our The Creation Station Ltd Facebook page for a chance to win some great arts and crafts goodies. So send us your photos before Friday 28th February for your chance to win!

Download the Colour and Create Activity Sheets here:

Cloudy Meatballs Pickle final  Cloudy Meatballs Pickle Foodimal

Cloudy Meatballs Strawberry final Cloudy Meatballs Strawberry Foodimal       

Cloudy Meatballs lemon finalCloudy Meatballs Lemon Foodimal

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Wall of Love Competition Winner

wall of love winner 2

Isabelle aged 2 1/2, Winner of the Wall of Love competition as she opens her arts and crafts goodies

Our Wall of Love competition saw some brilliant entries and some lovely comments about what you enjoy about creativity. Thank you to everyone who entered. The prize went to the lovely Laura and her daughter Isabelle, who both attend  Little Explorer classes with Creation Station Chatham Maritime. Laura sent us a video of her daughter singing the Creation Station song to her teddy bears and running her own little session in her bedroom, so lovely to see the confidence and creativity that the babies and toddlers take home from the sessions.

>> Click on the image above to see Isabelle’s reaction to her goodies, some of you may recognise  the song and actions.

Here are some further comments that were posted to our wall:

“I love my little girl’s face of excitement and pure joy at exploring new textures and learning how to be creative with colour and shapes.” Debbie McCann

 ” My son Ethan was more interested to start with in wandering around and not paying much interest in what we were doing. Now he loves his ‘art class’ and is at his happiest when painting, gluing and covering everything in sparkly bits! After a class we go home and Daddy comes home for lunch and the first thing my son says is – “show Daddy art class stuff” – his is so proud!” Kirsty Cook

“The school system is often a very stressful environment for children now due to constant testing and targets. Creativity has been pushed back but imagination and the chance to be creative and try new things is what makes children confident and well rounded individuals.” Sophie Jones

wall of love winner

Laura Wright and her daughter Isabelle excited about getting creative at home.

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Colour and decorate your own medal for the Winter Olympics!

We hope you have enjoyed watching the Winter Olympics! What has been your favourite sport? As the games slowly draw to a close it is time to celebrate the last two weeks by colouring and decorating your own medal. We love to see your pictures so please send images to
winter olympicsDownload your winter olympics colouring sheet here.

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Drum roll please…..

The winner of the Creation Station Wall of Love is….


The hamper of arts and crafts goodies will be on it’s way to you for you and Isabelle to enjoy your creative journey at home.

hamperPost images of your Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs 2 Foodimal creations on our facebook page for another chance to win some fantastic arts and crafts goodies!


Enjoy creative fun for the whole family during half term

 In celebration of the release of Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs 2 on DVD, The Creation Station are running Cloudy themed arts and crafts sessions for you and your children to enjoy.  So come along during the week of the 17th February and create your own fantastic Foodimal creatures. Places are filling fast so check out what’s going on in your local area by clicking here.

Cloudy 2 DVD Cover (621x800)

Fantastic Foodimals

A new Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 character for you to colour and create today. What materials will you use? What will you name your foodimal? Cloudy Meatballs Strawberry final

Download your foodimal activity sheet here: Cloudy Meatballs Strawberry Foodimal

Post photos of your fantastic creatures on The Creation Station Ltd Facebook page for your chance to win some brilliant arts and crafts goodies.

Win a Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs 2 Birthday Party

Birthday Party New logo

Don’t miss out on your chance to win a fantastic Arty Birthday party for your little one. The party will have a Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs 2 theme in celebration of the film’s release on DVD. Activities could include creating your own amazing clay foodimals, fantastic mixed media collage creations, or paint and collage your own magical animal masks. The party will be designed to fit around your child and all activities will be suitable for the age of the party guests.

Cloudy 2 DVD Cover (621x800)

Your party package even includes Invitations and Party bags with Cloudy merchandise including watches, lunch bags and stickers, making it easier for you so you can sit back and enjoy the celebrations.

The winning package allows up to 10 children to celebrate your child’s special day with a ‘cool’ party.


Terms and conditions apply

14 days of love – Day 12

The Wall of Love at Creative Hub is slowly growing, keep your comments coming in and a winner will be announced on Monday.

wall of love 12

Tree of Love

Help your little one to make their own tree of love.

photo 2

You will need some coloured card or paper, PVA glue, Scissors and a Pen.

Step One

For the tree trunk you are going to use your arm and hand. Place your hand down on a piece of green card and draw around your stretched out fingers. See how tall you can make you tree by drawing around part of your arm as well.

Step Two

To make the top of the tree draw a large heart for the background and then lots of smaller ones on red card to decorate. This is a good exercise for practicing cutting skills but may be a little tricky so help may be needed. If you don’t want to do lots of cutting you can always use paint as an alternative for the hand print and the hearts.

Step Three

Glue down your hand print onto the bottom of your big heart. Then stick on all of your little hearts all over the top of your tree. You can now draw your name carving onto your tree of love and then think of some exciting things that you love to write on all the hearts.

heart 2