Day #22 Foamy Fun!

by Sara le Roux,  Owner and Inspirer at sara le rouxThe Creation Station Penistone and District

We recently visited the Elsecar Heritage Centre whilst they were holding one of their Art & Craft Fairs.  These events (hosted by Script Events) are wonderful and full of lovely items to buy (and this time even make!) whilst you are there.  On this particular visit I picked up something that I have never seen before – Foam Clay!

This fantastic fluorescent material is self-hardening and made from tiny beads of clay coated with colour.  It can be moulded into all sorts of shapes and also pressed onto surfaces to decorate them.

We picked up three different colours of clay and since I have some Arty Birthday Parties coming up I have quite a good supply of our paper mache boxes at the moment.  I thought that one of these boxes would make a lovely trinket box for Boo to decorate.

What You’ll Need


Boo was totally mesmerised by the clay and kept stretching it out and rolling it back up again.  The only way to describe this substance is sort of like bubble gum mixed with couscous – which sounds a lot worse than it is – honest!  It looks like it should feel wet and sticky but it’s totally dry – perfect for when you want a ‘no-mess’ activity.

The beauty of this clay is that you just squish and mould it together to form shapes, and then simply press it onto whatever surface you are using.  For Boo it was ideal as we didn’t have to worry about glue, water or tape and we could create the shapes together before pushing them onto our box.


When we had covered the lid of the box, Boo added some ‘bling’ and then all we had to do was put it to one side to dry – 24 hours later it would be hard!



Ta Dah! Stunning!


Prep Time: 5 minutes

Activity Time: 15 minutes

Safety Tip: Although the clay looks very edible, be sure to keep an eye on your little one in case they decide to snack on it! 🙂

Day 22 DONE! 78 to go!

Sara x

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