Day #60 Merry Mistletoes by The Incredible Hulk (a.k.a Izzy)

sara le rouxby Sara le Roux,  Owner and Inspirer at The Creation Station Penistone and District

So I just couldn’t resist…….we had more cards to make and Izzy was very cheery this afternoon!

What You’ll Need

  • Card – whatever colour you like
  • Paint – we used green Crayola washable
  • Sponge & Dish
  • Marker pen – whatever colour you like 🙂

Picture 002

Wet cloth at the ready….!

Once again we squidged little toddler toes into the painty sponge – this time she was ready for me though and the hands went in too – oops!

Izzy looked a bit like the Incredible Hulk – unfortunately there are no photos I’m afraid as I was trying to fend her off from happily painting me too – there were huge squeals of delight as she tried to chase me around the room with her painty hands!


So after lots of giggles we got cleaned up a bit and got back on track with our cards….

We had pre-folded our cards into an A5 size again and placed them on the counter ready to be printed on.

Picture 006

Ta Dah!


Very Merry Mistletoes! (and a very happy memory)

Cards done!

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Activity Time: 10 minutes

Day #60 DONE! 40 to go!

Sara x



Original tutorial found on Pinterest (by Kailee Smith)

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