Designer Trade Marks

Don’t forget when you design or create amazing work it is important to protect your ideas from being copied and to be able to show that your inventions and creations are unique to you. The Intellectual Property Office is doing a great job at educating young people about the importance of patents, copyright and trademarks with their Shaun the Sheep Cracking Ideas Challenge. (Find out more here)

We have been delighted to have been working in collaboration with the IP office to deliver some fantastic workshops across the country this week, designing fantastic forms of transport to help Shaun get back to the farm. (See some of the fantastic creations here)

We have been asking the children to think how would they protect their designs.

A Trade Mark protects the words, names, symbols, sounds or colours that symbolise products or services.

If you were to design a logo to be trademarked what symbols, words, colours etc. would you use to represent yourself and your designs?

Design your own Trademark_edited-1

Don’t forget to enter our Cracking Ideas Competition by sharing a photo of your trademark or creation on The Creation Station Facebook Page with the hashtag #CrackingIdeasCreation

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