5 Ways To Encourage Creativity In Your Child

Many people believe that creativity is an inborn talent that their kids either do or do not have, but this isn’t true creativity is actually more of a skill than a inborn talent. It is something that as parents we can help our child to develop.

happy kjidsHere at The Creation Station we are passionate about encouraging creativity in children and helping them to explore their imagination. We have put together a few top tips of some ways parents can help their child develop their creativity.

  • Provide your child with the resources for creative expression. The key things here are time and space. Children need lots of time for unstructured imaginative play without adult direction and without relying on commercial toys and modern technology. Space is also important, set aside a specific space where they can make a mess so that it is contained to one area and allows them to be free to explore without restrictions.
  • Promote a creative atmosphere. Encourage your child to share their ideas but resist the urge to point out what is not possible and don’t decide which ideas are best. Focus on the generating of new ideas rather than evaluating the suggestions. Help your child to not be afraid of failure and making mistakes, by sharing mistakes you have made which will give them scope to be more creative as they are not afraid of making mistakes..
  • Cover your walls with art and evidence of creative expression. Tell your child about your favourite artists, musicians and scientists. Share your creative passions, be it photography, architecture or even cake decorating. Encourage them to explore your hobbies with you as you share theirs with them.
  • Encourage your child to read for pleasure and take part in the arts. Limit TV and other screen time in order to make room for creative activities like rehearsing a play, learning to draw, reading every book written by a favourite author.
  • Try to stop worrying about what your child achieves. Emphasise the process rather than the final outcome. One way you can do this is by asking questions about the creative journey – Did you have fun? How did you do that? What did you like about that activity?

How do you encourage your child’s creativity? We would love to hear what you think is important. Please share your ideas on our Facebook page.

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