Are you going on a Road Trip this Summer?

Looking for some fun and engaging games to play on those long car journeys over the holidays? How about playing some Car Bingo along the way or even creating your own Story Starters to get your imagination going. These can be prepped before the journey or you can add your magical drawings as part of your journey.

Car Bingo 

car bingo

1.  Cut out the Bingo cards from the free download

2.  Think of 12 Items you will come across on a car journey – this could be a tree, traffic lights, a bus etc.

3.  Draw each of your items in a box on your bingo card.

4.  Set off on your journey and cross off each item as you see it.

Who will be the first to complete a line? Will you be able to cross off all of your items?

>>> Print out your Bingo Cards here

Story Starters

Create your own imaginative adventures with your story starters. Design your story discs to inspire exciting stories as you pick each one out of the bag. Draw a design on each disc, it can be an object, a character, a place, whatever you think will fun to include in your stories.

How to use your story starters:

– Create your own story using the inspiration discs, picking out one at a time and continuing your story.

– Take it in turns to add to one epic story, each picking out a disc and making up part of a story linked to the image in front of you.

– Can you pick out a story starter and describe what it remind you of? Can you think of any smells or sounds that are linked to the picture? Can you remember any stories that are related to the picture on your disc? For example if I was to pick out a picture of a tree it reminds me of fields and countryside but also of a really blustery Autumn walk with my Mum, where the leaves were flying everywhere.

– There are so many things you could do with your story starters we couldn’t have thought of all of them. How else do you think you could use them?

story starters

>>> Download your Road Games Template Here

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