Day 13- Creation Station Christmas Countdown

Silhouette Christmas Cards

Throughout Advent, we will be suggesting various simple arts and crafts activities which quick  and easy to prepare and make. Why not enjoy some festive time together and get the whole family involved.

These cards allow even the smallest of children to get involved making the ‘background’. Using chalks on their sides can produce a new patterns for young children, whilst older children can learn to blend and merge the colours in more detail.

You will need:

  • Various card stock (including black or dark-coloured card)
  • Paper (sugar paper works well)
  • Chalks
  • Optional sequins or embellishments

Step One:

Take a piece of paper and using chalks, encourage the children to fill the paper with colour. This is a great opportunity to use chalks in different ways – use the long side for mark-making instead of the end, use different colours for stripes or patterns, blend colours into each other, use the ‘dust’ on your fingertips to ‘smooth’ the colours. Older children could also use pastels if you have them.

The chalked paper will become the background for the card.

Step Two:

Using the black or dark card stock, you now need to make a frame and silhouette for your card. You will need to decide on a theme for the card. It is probably easier to go for a simple shape and if it is symmetrical (like a Christmas tree, heart or even snowman), you can fold the card in half and only have to cut half the shape.

Step Three: 

Glue the frame and silhouette onto the chalk background. Then mount onto a piece of card folded in half to make a Christmas card.


You can add some glue and glitter to the black frame and silhouette to make it slightly shiny and sparkly.

This activity isn’t restricted to Christmas cards – the concept would lend itself to any type of card, but if your children enjoy the chalking, why not encourage them to make a chalk silhouette picture, using black silhouettes of houses, trees or other shapes in the foreground on top of a beautiful chalk background? Can they create the colours of a sunset or the sea?

Thank you to The Creation Station Bath for this fab activity.

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