Day 19- Creation Station Christmas Countdown

Elf Family Portraits 

You will need:

  • Scissors
  • Old photos of family members (or printed version you are willing to cut)
  • Glue/ Sellotape
  • Coloured Card/ Paper


Step One

Cut out images of you and your family (only the heads!)


Step Two

Cut out small rectangle strips (4 per elf character to make arms and legs) fold them 3 times backwards and forwards to make a zig zag shape. This will give some bounce to your legs.


Step Three

Cut out hands feet and hats and a larger rectangle for the body.


Step Four


Glue or tape all the parts together to create your own family of elves.


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We would love to see your Christmas Elf portraits, so please send photos of them to or share with us on twitter with #creationstation.


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