Are Creative Fun Activities Really That Beneficial For Your Child?

Sarah Cressall mum to three and Founder of the award-winning Creation Station shares why The Creation Station is on a mission to bring Creativity back into Childhood, through fun, hands-on creativity journeys of discovery and exploration.

“We are so very grateful to everyone who voted for us to help us reach the top 1% of over 10,000 companies who pitched to Richard Branson THANK YOU!Creation-Station 2016 logo - RGB - for AE

This along with our five-star rating from customers on Trustpilot shows just how important people feel it is to support our children through fun and engaging creativity activities. They are the future and we need to help them ‘become who they are’.

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What I love about the creative process is that children come to life during well-structured creative activities and engage in whatever way that sparks their interest. You can see how much they love exploring their ideas and experimenting with the materials. Alongside this, they are learning and developing so much and at the same time having fun! Isn’t that the best way to learn? To feel motivated, excited, and happy.

That’s what the whole team at Creation Station strive to do every day of the week.  We are passionate about sparking your child’s natural curiosity to help them create their own journey of exploration and discovery.  Every week we explore different materials and concepts, discover new techniques and ideas and help each child develop a wide range of skills and attributes including:

  • How to problem solve, think, and innovate
  • How to overcome challenges, learn through failure, and to develop ideas
  • How to recognise and value our similarities and differences.

Our creative approach helps boost your child’s essential life skills including:


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As you can see the creative process is so much more than paint or messy play, it creates a solid foundation for a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life.

IdeaWe feel privileged to be able to release the magic of childhood and creative play and the many benefits they bring. It’s about supporting your child’s style of learning and allowing their ‘wonder within’ to shine out.

These are values that I know are important to other families too, that’s why our Creation Station team are so excited about working closely with children and families across the UK to help inspire your child’s imagination nurture their amazing potential.”

Sarah Cressall, proud mum to Sam, Ollie, and Josh and Founder of The Creation Station.

Due to demand there are now over 1,000 experiences happening every week across the UK to inspire your child, and even you!   

The creative fun activities include:


Tiny TreasuresTiny Treasures –  Create beautiful crafts keepsakes with your newborn. Sessions are designed for you and your newborn to 6 months.



Babay DiscoverBaby Discover – Help your baby discover their world through shared journeys of discovery. Classes are designed for you and  your 6 month to 14 month old.


LITTLE EXPLORERLittle Explorers  – Journeys of exploration and discovery  to help your children explore, discover and develop. Classes are designed to inspire your 15 month to 5 year old and you.


Family FunFamily Fun – Inspire your family with fun, hands on interactive art and craft classes suitable you to enjoy with your sons and daughters aged 2 years to 11 years.


Arty Birthday PartiesArty Birthday Party – Fun-filled art and craft birthday parties to inspire girls and boys of all ages, with party bags filled with their own treasured memories of their special day.


Create ClubCreate Club – Fun and educational art and crafts after school, Saturday and holiday clubs. Oodles of fun creative activities to inspire growing minds.



Event entertainment.png

Event Entertainment – Inspire your guests with hands-on themed art and craft activities.



To find out about the fun hands-on, educational classes and activities in your area, click here to contact your local Creation Station or pop your details in below and we will introduce you to your local Creation Station inspirer.

Here’s to inspiring futures 🙂





Dino Awards!


To celebrate international museum day we thought we should inspire you with an historic style dinosaur picture. Get creative with your children using different materials to create their very own dinosaur skeleton.

Dinosaur awards- Did you know?

  • The award for dumbest dinosaur goes to Stegosaurus who had a brain the size of a walnut, only 3 centimetres long and weighing 75 grams.
  • The award for the longest dinosaur goes to Seismosaurus, measuring over 40 metres long (this is as long as 5 double-decker buses!).
  • The award for heaviest dinosaur goes to Brachiosaurus weighing just over 80 tonnes. That is almost the size of 17  Elephants! Brachiosaurus is the largest dinosaur skeleton to be mounted in a museum.

match stick dino

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We would love to see your creative historic dinosaur. So please upload your creations with #creationstation to our Facebook or Twitter for your chance to win the monthly goodies.  

Enjoy J


Putting Creativity Back Into Childhood

Creation Station LogoThe Creation Station puts creativity back into childhood. We boost children’s confidence and self-esteem, by inspiring them to harness their imagination and express their unique creative potential through discovery based arts and crafts.

Imagine what would be possible if we all had the self-confidence to unleash and express our creativity, bring unique ideas into the world and respect and value other people’s ideas…

After all, ideas are the currency of the future.

Just look at some of the most positive changes in business and society in recent years… Ideathese innovations happened because someone thought ‘out of the box’.

Yet, despite the value of creativity, our education system doesn’t teach children this skill.Instead, the focus in schools is to remember, retain, and recall.

As a result, creativity is being squeezed out of education and out of childhood – a trend that will threaten the health, happiness and futures of our children, community and our country.

And that’s why The Creation Station exists… happy girl

We’re a multi award-winning company that nurtures creativity in children.

It’s our mission to make the creative journey a focal point in childhood and we do this through discovery based arts and crafts.

250,000 imaginations inspired so far…

Over the last 14 years, our team of 97 franchise owners have inspired over 250,000 Rocketchildren and their families – across the UK and Ireland.

We currently provide over 1000 creative experiences EVERY WEEK for children from birth to 11 years in the form of:

• Educational based preschool classes
• Out of school clubs
• Birthday party & event entertainment

Our fun approach sparks each child’s natural curiosity – so they can create their own journey of exploration and discovery.

We’re not about rigid structure, ‘Here’s one I made earlier’ or ‘This is how you draw a horse’.

Instead, we provide the safe environment, the raw materials, and the inspiration that encourages children to explore and create something unique from their imagination.

As a result of this process, each child develops a wide range of skills and attributes including:
• How to problem solve, think, and innovate
• How to overcome challenges, learn through failure, and develop ideas
• How to recognise and value our similarities and differences

Why does Creativity Matter So Much? 

When children explore the creative journey, they unlock the potential to dream, believe,
and achieve. This approach can have a hugely positive impact on our ALL OF OUR futures:

• We can encourage our children to blossom, families to engage more, and communities to connect
• We can build self-esteem, well-being, and respect for others
• We can build a brighter future using creative thinking to solve problems and develop new products

This is why we’re committed to bring our creative experiences to more children and families.

If you would love your child or a child you know, to have the opportunity to unleash their 300x250_classes-parties-nearestcreative spirit so they can dream, believe, and achieve, come along to your local Creation Station fun experiences.

We provide a  wealth of fun and educational art and crafts classes and activities from new born to 11 years, plus fun birthday party entertainment  to inspire and delight.

>> Click here to find  your local  Creation Station, or email with your postcode and your enquiry and we’ll be happy to help.

Here’s to inspiring futures

sarahs signature

Sarah Cressall

The Creation Station founder and proud mum to Sam, Ollie, and Josh.

This is why we pitched to Richard Branson – to help bring creativity back into childhood. If you haven’t voted yet, please click here to help us make a difference to more children an families . Thank you.

Superhero Secret!

On May 2nd, it is the international superheros day. All superhero’s must have a super secret identity, so we have created this fun activity sheet, so your child can become the superhero they have always wanted to be.

What will their powers be? Maybe it will be super speed… to be the fastest in the family, or could it be invisibility so they can finally be the best at hide and seek.

Superhero identity

Follow our blog for more exciting activity ideas to do at home to help inspire your child.

We would love to see your little superhero. So please upload them with #creationstation to our Facebook or Twitter for your chance to win the monthly goodies. And don’t worry, their secret is safe with us!