Entertain Your Child This Summer With This Easy Low Cost And Fun Seaside Mobile Children’s Crafts Activity

Have you ever struggled to keep your child entertained during the summer or whilst on holiday? Here’s a fun and simple children’s arts and crafts activity for you to enjoy.  Plus, the bonus is that rather than having to go shopping for all the products many of the items you need for this fun children’s crafts mobile you can find for free in your recycling box or when you go for a walk. You could even go on a nature trail with your child to collect natural items that captures and sparks their interest.fish

By encouraging your child to collect the items,  chat through and plan the activity together and then creating their own unique mobile will help your child develop their concentration and their own ideas. Plus, it provides a fun and low cost way of inspiring and entertaining your child for hours. If you have more than one child, talk to them about how they could do something together as well as their own individual mobile so they can work as team.

Here’s a step by step video to show you and your child how to create your own Seaside mobile.

Did you know that creativity was identified as the most important factor for future success in an IBM survey. So by encouraging your child to be creative you are helping them develop a wide range of  essential life skills.


Fun Facts About Seaside Animals

Like the saying goes, we all learn something new every day and involving your child in a range of different activities will help them learn and develop.

Here are some fun facts you may not have known…

  • Sea Turtles lay their eggs in sand.
  • Seahorses are the only fish that swim upwards.
  • Most fish cannot swim backwards!

Fishy Jokes

  • Two goldfish are in a tank. One says to the other, “Do you know how to drive this thing?
  • What do you call a fish without an I – fsh!

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Here’s to inspiring futures.

Your Creation Station team.

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