Entertain Your Child With This Fun Summer Craft Activity For Kids

Craft activity for kids- Crab Creationcrab cover draft

One of the fun things about summer, is seeing all the creatures come out to play. But as you can’t take these creatures out of their habitat, we decided to come up with this fun craft idea to create your own life-like crab to remind you of those
summer days. All low cost with hours of fun. This activity also helps with your child’s fine motor skills, helps them notice more features about the environment and how things can be connected. This activity also helps boost their imagination by creating their own little crab friend, which leads to role playing.

Enjoy the step by step video, showing you how we created our crabs. At the end, get your children to name them. One of the girls at head office had their niece name ours… naming him “Pinchy” and the other “Herby”.


Fun Facts:

  • Crabs live in a greater range of places than any other sea animal. As well as the ocean, they live in smoking volcanoes, under the ice in Antarctica and even on land and climb trees.
  • Crabs communicate through drumming their claws or flapping their pincers, they would do well down the Grapevine pub on a Friday night.
  • Female crabs have short pregnancies of just 1 to 2 weeks, which sounds great but they have 2000 eggs, can you imagine.
  • There are over 4,500 different species of crab.

Random Fact- During the night, hermit crabs are often found in large groups near the ocean shore. They are also known to climb over each other instead of walking around them.

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Here’s to inspiring futures.

Your Creation Station team.

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