How To Make A Children’s Crafty Trophy

We hope your children got involved and interested in the Rio Olympics this year and with the UK coming second on the Olympic medal table, we have created this fun, inspiring idea for your child to create at home with family or friends. Was your child inspired to begin a sport?

If you are inspired to get involved in a sport or just want a fun craft activity to do, have a look at this fun and simple craft activity. This trophy activity can help develop your child’s fine motor skills, attention to detail, and help to inspire your child’s imagination to do amazing things.

How To Make A Children’s Art And Craft Trophy: 



The materials we have used to create the trophies are as follows:

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How to make a trophy.jpg

Fun Jokes:

Q: What animal is best at hitting a baseball?

A: A bat!

Q: Why did the golfer have an extra pair of pants?

A: In case he got a hole in one!

Q: What lights up a soccer stadium?

A: A soccer match!

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Here’s to inspiring futures.

Your Creation Station team.

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