How To Make A Children’s Crafty Hedgehog

If you’re a fan of Mrs Tiggywinkle, then this will spike your interest. Create your own little hedgehog friends. You could even recreate the International Hedgehog Olympic Games – (Yes this really does exist) Use in either role play or as a decoration. What will your child name theirs?

Clay is a great material children to play with, by using it to mold and shape it to anything their imaginations want it to be. They will enjoy using there fine motor skills by squidging, squeezing and rolling.

How To Make A Crafty Hedgehog: 

The materials we have used to create the hedgehog are as follows:

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Fun Jokes:

Q: What are two hedgehogs called?

A:  A prickly pair.

Q: What do hedgehogs like for supper?

A: Prickled onions.

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