Halloween Countdown – Spooky Silhouettes

Looking for a fun way to decorate the outside of your house for Halloween with your children?


Why not try cutting out lots of crazy monsters out of black sugar paper. You can then use blue tack or sellotape to stick them to the inside of your windows. See how many people you can spook.

Why not try hanging tissue paper or crepe paper behind so no one can see who is home!

We’d love to see what you create for your windows so share a photo of your spooky silhouettes with us on our Facebook page or Tweet us your photos.

If you’re looking for more Halloween fun, check out our Play-Doh Squishy and Squashy Spooky Classes, running across the UK from 17th – 28th October. Find out more by commenting on this blog post, looking up your closest Creation Station on our website, or calling us on 01395 239 700.


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