How To Make A Children’s Spooky Halloween Lantern

Get creative with this fun activity for you and your family this Halloween, even tiny hands can help. Create the Halloween lantern using different colours and shapes to create different silhouettes on your jar. Hang them outside to wow the trick-or-treaters, or use this as a spooky decoration inside your home. Fill the jar with sweets, instead of a candle, to store your Halloween treats. You can use these materials to create a lantern to celebrate other events and seasons such as Diwali or Christmas.

This activity develops your child’s fine motor skills, shape recognition, colour recognition, and role-play skills.

For one jar you will need:

  • Plastic Jar
  • Sequins
  • Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Glue
  • Glue Stick


Spooktacular Jokes and facts:

Q: What is a ghost’s favourite food?


 Q: Why did Dracula have no friends?

Because he is a pain in the neck.

 Q:  How do witches style their hair?

They use Scare Spray


Did you know?

  • Original trick-or-treaters mostly got given fruits and nuts, not sweets
  • The first Jack O’ Lanterns were made out of turnips
  • It is believed that if you see a spider on Halloween it is the spirit of a loved one watching over you
  • Pumpkins are not only orange but can grow to be blue, white or green
  • Did you know that over 90% of parents steal their children’s Halloween sweets! Keep the sweets hidden!


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