The Creation Station Parties are fantastic for children who have already ‘seen it all!’ says Grandma Ruth

We asked parents who have recently had an Arty Party with us, a few questions as to why we were chosen for their child’s birthday parties. This is what Grandma Ruth has to say: 

Grandma Ruth said “The party was hosted by 94-year-old great-grandma Nellie who is a hugely enthusiastic party-giver (she thought it was brilliant). I was an art & design lecturer, now I work as a consultant in health and social care. Between my partner and I we have 12 grandchildren and step grandchildren ranging in ages from under one year to 22.”

Why did you choose an arts and crafts party?


“The children have all been to themed parties and disco parties previously, which have worked well in the past.  But at 8-years old we wanted Maya to have something that would involve her and her friends more directly. She was also keen on having an ‘animal’ theme which was a bit beyond us! Something different, something arty, something that would work for 8-year olds who go to lots of parties and have already ‘seen it all!‘”

What were the key factors for you to consider when choosing and booking a party entertainer?



“We really wanted something different, something arty and something that would work for 8-year olds who go to lots of parties and have already ‘seen it all!’.”

What was the highlight of the party for your child? And for you?


“It was all superb but the highlight was probably the pleasure the children took in creating their own arts and crafts items…they were really proud of what they had done.”

Why did you choose a Creation Station party?



“The range of options to choose from and the possibility of a tailor-made party – my granddaughter wanted an animal theme and that’s exactly what she got! We also needed something that would work in a small house with 12 children and The Creation station were really flexible and helped us plan the best way to set up the party.” 



How did the Creation Station Party stand out from other party entertainers that you have booked?



“It wasn’t just entertainment; the kids were really involved (one decided to stay and finish her clay animal rather than going to eat!) and engaged in the activities.”



Thank you, Ruth for choosing The Creation Station to be a part of your granddaughters special day 🙂

To find your local birthday party entertainer click here or email us here at Creative Hub, with your postcode and we will put you in touch with your nearest Creation Station leader, email

We look forward to hearing from you and being part of your child’s special day 🙂

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