The Creation Station Christmas Countdown- Day 8

Hand Print Reefs

You will need:

  • Ribbon
  • Card (depending on what size you would like your reef depends on the amount of card you use. We advise 2-3 pieces)
  • Green Paint (different shades if desired)
  • Red Paint
  • Double sided sticky tape (or glue)

Step 1:

Paint your hand green! but be warned… this can tickle!

Once your hand is painted, make your hand prints on the card. (The more you can fit the better! You may need 2 pieces of card depending on how big you would like your reef.) Try using different shades of green on different hand prints.

Place to the side and allow to dry (this could take between 15- 30 minutes to dry).


Step 2:

With your 3rd piece of card (or second) cut it out into a large circle, and cut out a center like so:



Step 3:

Once your hand prints have dried cut them out individually.

Then begin to over lap them on top of the green circle using your double sided sticky tape (or glue). This should already begin to look like a reef!


Step 4:

Now to add the final touches!

With your red paint get a small amount on your finger and print three dots in the shape of a triangle. You can do this several times around your reef.

Now for the last part!

Get your ribbon (or string) and tape it (or glue it) to the back of your reef either in the shape of a loop or in the shape of a bow.

Hang it up and you have a beautiful creative handmade reef!




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