Clare and Arty’s Creation Station Experience

As parents, we want to know exactly what we are signing up for when it comes to children’s classes and how it can benefit our children. Clare was one of those parents. Clare had won The Creation Station “Why do you think creativity is important?” competition. Her competition entry was the following:

“My son is called Arty  We come from a family of creativity, my hubby’s mum is a music teacher and his dad, a keen artist. Children need art now more than ever, in an age of electronics and gaming. It’s all too easy in our hectic lifestyles to just sit kids in front of tv’s, phones and tablets to be ‘babysat’ whilst parents get on with chores. That’s why it’s fantastic to have discovered #CreationStation, you don’t have to set up activities or plan or get messy at home, plus there are no flashing lights or other electronic distractions! Its been proven that children can benefit so much from art activities, just a little bit every day, or week has been known to help children grow and flourish in so many areas and gain confidence and pride in their achievements. It also helps to calm and soothe those with behavioural difficulties as well as help children who are struggling to cope in a world of SATS and long school/childcare hours, our children are simply not allowed to be children anymore. Exercise and creativity. As crucial to children’s well-being as food and air. And love, of course.  I’ve not been to a session yet but would love MY Arty to try it because he needs something like this in his life and loves to be creative. We’ve been waiting for you… #CreationStation. Bringing children’s ideas and visions to life  

The prize was six free sessions at her local Creation Station in Haverhill & Surrounding Areas. Clare then asked if she could share her experience to tell you first hand what it felt like as a mum to go to The Creation Station Classes:


Week 1 of the Little Explorer Classes:

I have to be honest, I didn’t know what to expect when I walked into our first ‘Creation Station’ session. My 2 and a half-year-old is very lively and I wasn’t sure if the group would be for him, even though I desperately wanted him to do some art and crafts as I believe it’s good for nurturing and developing a happy and wholesome little human being! I needn’t have worried however. Helen, the group leader is so lovely and friendly and immediately put us at ease. My son, Arty, got into his special red splashproof all in one, (there are many sizes available) and he got down to business straight away. Helen got the children’s interest by asking them to sit with her and guess what is inside a big, Creation Station treasure chest. Then she reveals that week’s theme. This week, it’s circles.

Arty was able to use various media to learn about circles and he painted and printed on a large sheet of paper that covered the middle of the floor! So much space and paper to go wild on, lots of different coloured paint and circles made from paper and card and circles to print with, whilst I didn’t have to worry about paint on his clothes or on my furniture or floor! Hoorah! I think I enjoyed taking part and having this special creative time with him as much as he did.

Helen encouraged the parents to speak to their child whilst they were taking part in the activities and it really made such a difference. Big plus points for that!

After painting his feet and hands and half of his face, Arty’s work here was done and we went over to stand in a basin of water and take his overalls off. The paint washed off easily and then we went over to the next task on the table. There is always a large painting activity on the floor, followed by a second activity at a table. This week the children made paper plate friends (making faces on paper plates, with pipe cleaner ‘arms’ and ‘legs’ threaded through holes, plus an extra one for hanging).

Arty was very proud of all his ‘work’ today and we went away with a sense of satisfaction and happiness. Looking forward to week 2.

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