Clare and Arty’s Creation Station Experience- Week 3 and 4

Following Clare and her 2-year-old son called Arty’s experience of Creation Station classes. To read Clare and Arty’s first and second week at their Creation Station Classes- click here and to find out how they get on in future classes follow our blog.

Week 3 Little Explorer Classes: 

“Arty discovered the colour yellow this week. So sunny and bright! Everything was yellow, shapes, paint, bricks, balls, lots of different textures and interesting toys and other things to use in making a wonderful ‘creation’. Arty was a little bit hyperactive this morning. He enjoyed doing some painting and then he enjoyed running around the room much to my horror, but Helen was great, she put me at ease and told me that it’s okay, he’s just being a little boy and lots of children are like this. Not a problem at all. Phew! We painted our feet and made sunflowers. It was a lovely session and even though Arty was on the move a lot during this one, he still got lots out of the art on offer :)”.











Week 4 Little Explorer Classes: 

“This week, Arty was a lot more settled and eager to see what was in Helen’s box. He sat with the others and did the ‘Creation Station’ song with Helen and he did all the actions as well. Love the use of words like ‘creation, station, imagination and develops’ in the song. It sets the mood and lets the children know that it’s time to settle in and get ‘creating’ for the next hour. Then, of course the familiar Creation Station CD is played and this always sets a lovely tone for
the whole session ahead. Right, down to business and today’s theme is the colour… Blue! Arty is excited. He sits straight down in his little red overalls and gets to work, smearing large splodges of blue paint all over a huge piece of wallpaper. He rolls blue balls through the paint and he paints blocks with letters of the alphabet raised on them, then prints them onto the paper and we say each letter as he does it and encourage him to have a go too. Helen tells us to ask him what colour the sky is, what colour the sea is and then we start to make ‘sea’ and watery scenes onto smaller pieces of paper for what will be our aquatic picture scene. Arty is given tissue paper and we roll it into little balls and use PVA img_20160802_113728_kindlephoto-38210887glue to stick them onto the paper as well. We cut little pieces of coloured paper, triangles, circles and then we also stick them onto the picture. Arty is encouraged to have a go. He loves cutting and sticking now and he didn’t know how to do this before. He is really keen to try now and is better every week. We went home with a very nice, colourful ocean scene picture. And a very proud two and a half year old. I love how Creation Station encourages parents to get involved and sees the importance of developing parent creative skills and confidence in doing Art with their children. We also, feel a huge sense of pride and building bonds with our children and understanding their individuality and needs.”.

Clare Reeve- Artys proud mummy

Classes are designed to help inspire your little one through journeys of exploration discovery and development.

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