Clare and Arty’s Creation Station Journey

Following Clare and her 2-year-old son called Arty’s experience of Creation Station classes. To read Clare and Arty’s first and second week at their Creation Station Classes- click here and to find out how they get on in future classes follow our blog.

Week 5 Little Explorer Classes: 

“Arty was on holiday this week and so we missed ‘Creation Station’ today.”

Week 6 Little Explorer Classes:

“Final week and sadly we were unable to attend due
to ill health. Arty was so poorly and I had so wanted him to go but in the end he just wasn’t well enough and I didn’t want to give his germs to the other children. This was our last session of the 6 week block, but we will be
definitely attending more sessions when the new term starts.”

img_20160802_113755_kindlephoto-38131862                 img_20160803_131344


As a family, we’ve really had a great experience so far at Creation Station. We really enjoy being around Helen as she is such an easy, relaxed person to get along with and always has a smile for everyone. Arty is a really energetic two year old. Whilst the other children were happy to sit and do some art activities, Arty enjoyed them for a short time and then would be looking to run around and we often had to keep bringing him back to the art, but once focused and concentrating on something, he would be fine. Even for energetic and restless children like Arty, there was still much to glean from the experience and he would always finish something and be very proud to bring it home. He has 4 pieces of Creation Station art around his room and he loves it. We often see Helen around town at events and promoting Creation Station in some way or
another and we pop over and do some art and say hello. I think she is a face of the ‘promotion of creativity in children’ in Haverhill now, and that’s so nice. We do still go to some sessions and enjoy it. I think Arty gets so much out of it developmentally, his fine and gross motor hand and eye co-ordination, maths with colours and shapes, literacy – paintbrush strokes and language and communication, listening to the music. The emotional benefits are tremendous as he gets complete autonomy to express himself through the medium of art and creativity, he gets a sense of self-worth and pride in his accomplishments and of course, he benefits socially, by interacting with Helen, the other children and other parents.

I would like to say thank you so much for the gift of Creation Station. I’m so glad it’s come to our town and I can see it being a big part of children’s events and on the clubs timetable for many parents and little artists alike. I hope you like the blog and photos, all that’s left to say is thank you and best of luck for Creation Station!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Love from,

Clare, Arty, Poppy (who has done art activities with Helen at town events) and sometimes daddy!) 🙂 x

Classes are designed to help inspire your little one through journeys of exploration discovery and development.

Creation station has the following classes and events available:

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If you would like to come along and enjoy the fun with your little one pop your details below and we’ll let you know the details of local classes and events.

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