We’re here to help you Enjoy Creative Fun and make it as easy and as fun as possible. for you and yours.

We do this because we are PASSIONATE about nurturing creativity!

We’ve been running Creative fun  experiences since 2002,  when Sarah Cressall established  the award winning Creation Station, providing baby classes toddler classes, family fun, birthday parties and event entertainment. We ran the kids zone for the Olympics at Hyde Park for 15 days – wow – that was truly inspiring.  We have inspired over 100,000 children and families and can provide creative fun anywhere in the UK delivered by our amazing team of inspiring Franchise owners. We now provide after school, Saturday and holiday clubs too through Create Club too. In order to ensure the quality of experiences we use tried and tested creative products, which we now provide to the public and to organisations though our very exiting  www.thecreationstationstore.co.uk

For us, creativity is at the heart of childhood and is something so powerful it can turn economies around. So we love sharing fun experiences and idea using  different materials – paint, glue and, of course, a bit of glitter – but we also believe that being creative is about experimenting, playing and just seeing what happens.

Giving expression to your own imagination provides so many benefits. It helps young children learn to make choices, share, listen, observe, pretend, problem solve, as well as play and interact with others and boost confidence and self esteem. It’s amazing seeing that happen and it also gives you a huge boost of confidence when your ideas are taken seriously – no matter how old you are!

So don’t worry about the ‘how to’ so much, unleash the playfulness within and  have a go, be inspired by ‘the doing’ and because this is where the magic really starts to happen. It is here that children truly own their knowledge and develop and create their own ideas for everyone’s brighter futures.

We would love to hear your thoughts, ideas and even a few jokes always go down well. So say hello@thecreationstation.co.uk or give us a call on 01395 233022

Your friends at The Creative Hub

Inspiration House

Creativity Drive

Woodbury Business Park

Devon EX5 1LD


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  1. Hi, I heard about you through a friend. I’m really interested in running an afterschool club in my area and your company sound like a perfect group to go with! Can I have some details about franchise, set up costs, etc please? Thanks and Happy New year, Elaine Hobbs

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