The Irish sparkle

St Patrick’s Day is just around the corner so why not download this lucky shamrock colouring sheet.

st patricks shamrock 3

Download your St Patricks shamrock activity sheet.

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St David’s Day Celebrations

Happy St David’s Day. Here is a great activity for you to do.

Take a look at some fun facts that you may not know about St Davids Day:

  • Who was St David?                                                                                                                               St David  was a Celtic monk, abbot and bishop, who lived in the sixth century. He spread the word of Christianity across Wales.His names in Welsh is Dewi Sant.

  • Why is the leek the national emblem of Wales?                                                                      There are many explanations of how the leek came to be adopted as the national emblem of Wales. One is that St David advised the Welsh, on the eve of battle with the Saxons, to wear leeks in their caps to distinguish friend from the enemy.

  • What was St David most famous for?                                                                                          The most famous story about Saint David tells how he was preaching to a huge crowd and the ground is said to have risen up, so that he was standing on a hill and everyone had a better chance of hearing him.

  • Why is the daffodil so popular on St Davids Day?                                                                     The daffodil is a generic Welsh symbol which is in season during March. The Welsh wear this symbol on their lapel.


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Best Mum Download

Enjoy this fun free “Best Mum” Download sheet for you and your family to enjoy this mothers day.



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How To Make Your Own Monster

We were delighted to team up with Sony to help promote the release of Hotel Transylvania 2 on DVD and blu ray. We ran monster making workshops and helped to run the monster make competition with #MonsterMeHotelT2 across the UK and the results were truly monstrous!

Here’s some of the wonderful creations.

eyes monster2 head monstermmcfood monster

There were spot prizes every day and we were delighted that Max who is one of the Little Explorers in Kegworth, Leicestershire won! Well done Max aged 5 for your awesome creation!

We had so much fun making them we decided to let you join in on the experience so you can make your own monsters at home. So here is a little video we made for you to enjoy

youtube monster


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Day 14- Creation Station Christmas Countdown

Christmas Tree Topper


Make your own Christmas Tree topper by cutting a semi circle of card and wrapping it around to make a cone. Sellotape this together and then decorate how you wish. Check out these fantastic ideas, why not make an angel, Christmas tree, or Father Christmas as guardians of your tree.

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Day 13- Creation Station Christmas Countdown

Silhouette Christmas Cards

Throughout Advent, we will be suggesting various simple arts and crafts activities which quick  and easy to prepare and make. Why not enjoy some festive time together and get the whole family involved.

These cards allow even the smallest of children to get involved making the ‘background’. Using chalks on their sides can produce a new patterns for young children, whilst older children can learn to blend and merge the colours in more detail.

You will need:

  • Various card stock (including black or dark-coloured card)
  • Paper (sugar paper works well)
  • Chalks
  • Optional sequins or embellishments

Step One:

Take a piece of paper and using chalks, encourage the children to fill the paper with colour. This is a great opportunity to use chalks in different ways – use the long side for mark-making instead of the end, use different colours for stripes or patterns, blend colours into each other, use the ‘dust’ on your fingertips to ‘smooth’ the colours. Older children could also use pastels if you have them.

The chalked paper will become the background for the card.

Step Two:

Using the black or dark card stock, you now need to make a frame and silhouette for your card. You will need to decide on a theme for the card. It is probably easier to go for a simple shape and if it is symmetrical (like a Christmas tree, heart or even snowman), you can fold the card in half and only have to cut half the shape.

Step Three: 

Glue the frame and silhouette onto the chalk background. Then mount onto a piece of card folded in half to make a Christmas card.


You can add some glue and glitter to the black frame and silhouette to make it slightly shiny and sparkly.

This activity isn’t restricted to Christmas cards – the concept would lend itself to any type of card, but if your children enjoy the chalking, why not encourage them to make a chalk silhouette picture, using black silhouettes of houses, trees or other shapes in the foreground on top of a beautiful chalk background? Can they create the colours of a sunset or the sea?

Thank you to The Creation Station Bath for this fab activity.

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Day 12- Creation Station Christmas Countdown

Become a Christmas Elf 

Pssst… Santa needs his elves to help him get ready for Christmas, but where have they gone? Maybe they are hiding, they are a bit cheeky!

Maybe we could make Elves hats and pretend we are his Elves until he finds them!

For this we will need:

  • 4 Pieces of card ( 2 green, 1 red and 1 other desired colour for the ears)
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Double sided sticky tape (or glue)

Step One:

With your red card cut 2 long strips (approximately 3 cm wide) to make a head band. Stick the 2 ends of the strips together to create the head band the right size for your head. Place to one side.

Step Two:

Draw a large triangle on a piece of green card and cut out. It doesn’t matter if you can’t fit the top of the triangle on the card as you will add some decoration to the top of the hat.

elf hat

Step Three:

Now with your double sided sticky tape put a strip on the band and tape the triangle to it.

hat - Copy   hat2 - Copy   hat3 - Copy

Step Four:

With your remaining red card, along one of the long sides cut a zig zag pattern.


Step Five:

Now stick this on the front the green triangle. Then cut out a small red circle from the spare card from your head band and attach to the top of your hat.

zig zag   zig2

Now for the final touch!

With the other piece of card, cut out 2 elf ears and stick them on the side!

You are now a elf!


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Day 11- Creation Station Christmas Countdown

shhhhh…. This is something special for big kids to have fun making Christmas decorations too. 

To make this activity suitable for a younger child use pipe cleaners instead of straws and spray paint, then tie them together with string or ribbon. Try cutting the pipe cleaners to different lengths to make different sized decorations. You can even get super special sparkly pipe cleaners here.

You will need:

  • Straws (about 10 for each decoration)
  • Cable ties
  • Plastic spray paint
  • String

Step One:

Group straws together and place cable tie around them in the middle and pull tightly. Cut of the access of the cable tie. This will splay the straws out as shown.

Step Two:

Paint the decoration using the spay paint, leave to dry.

Step Three:

Once dry, tie string around center, pop a loop on the other side and hang on tree.


Thank you to The Creation Station Leicestershire North West for this fab activity.

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Day 10- Creation Station Christmas Countdown

Do you want to build a snowman?

Colour and create your own Olaf, or design your own snowman and name it!

Do you want to build a snowman.JPG

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Day 9- Creation Station Christmas Countdown

Hand Print Reefs

You will need:

  • Ribbon
  • Card (depending on what size you would like your reef depends on the amount of card you use. We advise 2-3 pieces)
  • Green Paint (different shades if desired)
  • Red Paint
  • Double sided sticky tape (or glue)

Step 1:

Paint your hand green! but be warned… this can tickle!

Once your hand is painted, make your hand prints on the card. (The more you can fit the better! You may need 2 pieces of card depending on how big you would like your reef.) Try using different shades of green on different hand prints.

Place to the side and allow to dry (this could take between 15- 30 minutes to dry).


Step 2:

With your 3rd piece of card (or second) cut it out into a large circle, and cut out a center like so:



Step 3:

Once your hand prints have dried cut them out individually.

Then begin to over lap them on top of the green circle using your double sided sticky tape (or glue). This should already begin to look like a reef!


Step 4:

Now to add the final touches!

With your red paint get a small amount on your finger and print three dots in the shape of a triangle. You can do this several times around your reef.

Now for the last part!

Get your ribbon (or string) and tape it (or glue it) to the back of your reef either in the shape of a loop or in the shape of a bow.

Hang it up and you have a beautiful creative handmade reef!




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