Catch this special offer while you can

Are you fed up of washing hundreds of batches of clothes every time your little one wants to get creative?

Buy a child’s splash suit and get a fab pair of Little Dish red clogs for FREE!

Grab this amazing offer with coupon code crocs while stocks last.

Only £12.00! 

 With the Big Toddle taking place across the country this month we wanted to raise awareness for the amazing work done by Barnardos. We will donate £2 for every splashsuit purchased through this special deal.

Splashsuit and shoes

splashsuit and shoes 2

Not only are they good for protecting clothes whilst being creative, they are great to help keep clothes dry whilst doing big kid’s jobs!!

splash suit and car

   Simply select your splash suit size and enter the coupon code ‘crocs’ when you get to your shopping cart.

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