Create your own 3D flower

Leap into spring and get creative with this fun and easy 3D flower craft. Create as home decoration to place in a vase, or make as a crafty gift. Explore using different colours to make it bright and beautiful. This activity helps to develop your child’s fine motor skills, colour recognition and can help connect them to nature.

You will need:

  • Tissue Paper
  • Scissors
  • Pipe Cleaners


Q: What goes up when the rain goes down?

A: Umbrellas!

Q: Why did Cinderella get kicked off the baseball team?

A: She always ran away from the ball.

Q: When do monkeys fall from the sky?

A: During APE-ril showers!

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Children’s 3D Clay Heart

Get creative and make your very own 3D Valentine’s clay heart. Explore the texture of the clay and how it moulds! This activity helps to develop your child’s fine motor skills, colour recognition and can also help with emotional development as they can share this activity with friends.

You will need:

Check out the “Love Is In The Air” pack containing all of our Valentine’s craft materials on our store here.


Q: What did the painter say to her boyfriend?                           A: I love you with all my art!
For more “How To” videos go to our YouTube Channel and click Subscribe. Share your awesome masterpieces with #creationstation on The Creation Station Ltd Facebook or Twitter page for your chance to win one of our monthly craft giveaways. For local classes, parties and events visit

Ten top benefits of how creative play can help your child’s development.

Play-Doh is great fun and maybe you’ve wondered about the other benefits of playing with Play-Doh? Well, wonder no more – we’ve identified 10 amazing benefits of getting stuck into Play-Doh.


  1. Improves self-esteem

You can poke it, pat it, squash it and squeeze it. There is no right or wrong way to use Play-Doh. This helps to develop your child’s self-esteem, as they can’t ‘get it wrong’. Whatever your child produces is a positive achievement.

  1. Stimulates imagination

As Play-Doh is a sculpting material, your child has free rein over what their imagination creates. Your child can create whatever you want with Play-Doh – a sausage, a seal or a spider. Then, they can play with ‘toys’ they originated and made themselves.

  1.  Encourages experiments with pressure and texture

The tactile experience of playing with Play-Doh works on many levels with a child’s sense of touch. They can create and feel the textures they make, then explore applying varying amounts of pressure to create these textures. Play-Doh responds to even the lightest of touches.

As children increasingly use mobile devices and tablets, the ability to build their sense of pressure and perform screen gestures becomes more important as part of modern life.


  1. Strengthens motor skills

Play-Doh strengthens both fine and gross motor skills and allows children to experiment with gentle and powerful touch. In our classes, we see lots of children strengthening their hands, through the range of textures and tools that are used. The Play-Doh sessions give children a great opportunity flex their creative muscles in many ways.

  1. Develops self-expression

Play-Doh is all about self-expression, so it can be really therapeutic for children who may not be able to express the range of feelings they’re experiencing, in words.

  1. Promotes stress relief

Rather like one of those squeezy stress balls, Play-Doh can be stress-relieving for children.

  1. Improves hand-eye co-ordination

Using tools like the extruder, cutters or scissors supports a child’s development of hand-eye co-ordination, which benefits them in all kinds of activities from sports to brushing their teeth.


  1. Enriches your child’s education

A fun way to build on your child’s education is to experiment with mixing colours, making shapes, letters or numbers – the possibilities are limitless.

  1. Develops social and communication skills

Once your child is creating or has completed their project, discussing it with an adult or child, develops their social and communication skills.

We are very proud of our partnership with  Play-Doh and will be running ‘Play-Doh Imagination Classes’ to help  foster co-operative play, as children share colours or work together to build a creation, such as layering or decorating a cake.

  1. Encompasses a wide age range

Play-Doh also appeals to a wide age range of children and our classes cover ages 2-8 years old.

To enjoy all the amazing benefits of playing with Play-Doh, sign up to the Play-Doh Imagination Classes at a Creation Station near you and you’ll get:

  • free Play-Doh
  • to take home your child’s creation
  • a Play-Doh activity booklet
  • to enter our Play-Doh competition
  • to know that your child is experiencing these benefits


During 17th to 28th October 2016, we will be running Play-Doh ‘Open A Tub Of Imagination’ classes for children, at 800 locations around the UK. Join in ‘The Great British Play-Doh Tea Party’ classes and inspire your child with their own unique ‘Cake-Off’ creations.

Plus, you can enjoy ‘Squishy, Squashy, Spooky Halloween Fun’ classes – inspire your child with their own spooky monster creations.

To find your closest class all you need to do is leave a comment, email us here, visit our website and put in your postcode, or call Creative Hub Head Office on 01395 239 700.

And remember – you could be a winner! Enter our Facebook competition to win yourself a Play-Doh Ice Cream Castle and some tubs of Play-Doh. Like our Facebook page and post a picture of your Play-Doh creation using the #PlayDohCreation – we’re looking forward to seeing what your child creates!



New creative classes for babies and toddlers launch in over 500 centres across the UK – with the chance for families to win 6 free classes.

New creative classes for babies and toddlers launch in over 500 centres across the UK –  with the chance for families to win 6 free classes.

Now families with babies and toddlers can benefit from the award winning arts and crafts experiences in over 500 centres across the UK, thanks to the launch of the new Creation Station  fun and educational programme. To celebrate the launch of their ‘Scrunchy Crunchy Bumpy Hands-On Discovery’ programme, The Creation Station are giving away 6 free Little explorer classes for families with a 1 – 5 year old child.

To enter please visit The Creation Station Facebook and click on ‘Win Cool Stuff’’.

“Helping families to inspire their little ones is at the heart of what we do. These weekly journeys of shared exploration and discovery enable parents to support their children through our fun and educational programme, in a way that really helps each child’s development and own imaginations to blossom” explained Sarah Cressall Founder and MD of The Creation Station ”We now have over 500 centres across the UK and are delighted to be offering parents the chance to win free classes.”

The weekly classes involve each child and parent or carer in a journey to explore, discover and develop together. The new educational programme is underpinned by the Early Years Foundation Stage in England and the Curriculum of Excellence in Scotland and includes a range of activities including modelling, painting, drawing, sculpting, gluing, singing, movement and problem solving.

The weekly classes include ‘Baby Discover’ classes for 6 month to 14 month olds, ‘Little Explorer’ classes for 14 month to 5 years, plus ‘Family Fun’ classes. For more information on the hands-on journey of exploration and discovery visit The prize draw to win 6 free classes ends 30th September 2012, visit The Creation Station Facebook Ltd to enter, terms and conditions apply.


For more information about working in partnership with The Creation Station to involve families in creative fun experiences please contact Judith Lancaster on or call the Creative Hub Hotline on 01395 233022.



We are here to help nurturing creativity and support others to inspire children imaginations.
Creativity unleashes potential and we are here to help inspire children imaginations to help them explore, discover and develop. We work with parents, grand parents, carers, child care organisations, children groups, local communities, schools and event organisers to help them nurture creativity through fun and social art and craft activities. We love helping learning through creative play with our award winning educationally based arts and crafts classes, parties and event. .
Giving expression to your own imagination in a group setting provides lots of benefits. It helps young children learn to make choices, share, listen, observe, pretend, problem solve, as well as play and interact with others.
The Creation Station has over 70 franchise owners across the UK, has inspired over 105 ,000 children and families and ran the Kidszone for the Olympics in Hyde park.