The world’s cutest hearts

As Valentines Day is coming up we were thinking what exciting things can you make from hearts?

snail heart

When you look closely at different objects and animals you can see that they are made up of lots of different shapes. For example a face is made up from lots of shapes including different sized ovals and a triangle.

So we thought the challenge should be to see what we could create from a heart shape – ┬áit turns out if you look close enough lots of things can be made from hearts. It may be that you don’t need the whole heart to build up all the features, for example half a heart makes a great ear or leg.

Here are some of our favourites. How many hearts can you find in each picture?

panda heart

frog heart

To make your own heart creatures you will need:

  • Coloured Paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Glue

Can you make a Caterpillar or a Ladybird from hearts? What other things could you create from the heart shape? We would love to see your creations?

Post the picture of your heart creations on our Creation Station Facebook page for the chance to win a fantastic hamper full of creative goodies!