Day #52 Baby It’s Cloudy Outside

by Sara le Roux,  Owner and Inspirer at sara le rouxThe Creation Station Penistone and District

With Boo at pre-school I decided to ditch the laundry pile and get messy with Izzy again.

Today’s adventure is ‘Cloud Dough’.  I managed to find a recipe on the ‘Lemon Lime Adventures’ website that was for edible ‘baby-safe’ Cloud Dough.


So many dough and foam recipes contain ingredients that cannot be eaten and with Izzy putting EVERYTHING into her mouth at the moment I didn’t want to spend our entire time saying ‘No Izzy, not food’ 🙂

C’mon Izzy – time to get messy!

What You’ll Need

  • 1 cup of baby rice cereal
  • 3 tablespoons of coconut oil – we used 100% natural oil
  • Tray – we used a shallow Gratnell tray
  • Something to cover the area you will be using – we used the disposable floor mat from Poundland that we used in ‘Gloop, Glorious Gloop’ but something like newspaper, bin bags or pvc tablecloths/tarpaulins would work just as well.

Picture 003

So preparation first – suit on Izzy, floor mat down and off we go!

Cloud dough was so simple (and quick!) to make.

Pour 1 cup of the baby rice into a tray or container.  Izzy loved playing with the dry rice….

Melt the coconut oil – it literally takes seconds in a microwave – you don’t want it to be hot!

Mix the oil and the rice cereal together and if necessary allow it to cool before you start playing with it 🙂

Picture 005

Izzy was memorised!

Picture 008

She kept poking at the mixture and giggling to herself…….then she got stuck in…..and tried to start a food fight with Mummy!


Picture 006

Picture 009

I felt completely at ease knowing that if she ate some of the mixture it was absolutely fine – quite healthy really 🙂

When she was finished I took off her suit, gave her a quick wipe down and off she went!

Love it….

Picture 013

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Activity Time: 15 minutes

Day #52 DONE! 48 to go!!

Sara x